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Nick Lyons' Travels from Victoria to Cochrane, and Beyond…

The Inspiration for this Blog

Sometimes I get a little silly. I get carried away, and over-excited. For instance, one New Years Eve, while attending and performing at Hank and Lily's NYE Extravaganza at the Copper , I took exception to the security guard, who was brought in for the occasion to work the door. We got off to a bad start when he asked me to move my bicycle so that it wasn't blocking the fire exit: I offered, instead, to light the bicycle on fire much to his bewilderment.

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Cochrane to Mulmer (or, To the Mosquitos): Part One

Not many people know this, but there was a time long ago when a massive body of water occupied the space between what we now know as “Manitoba” and “Alberta.” “Saskatchewan,” now a long, skinny chunk of continent, along with its wheat fields, potash deposits, and rivers, was once a peg-shaped island on the North American side of the Pacific, not far from where my journey began. However, soon after dust from the asteroid impact that smashed the dinosaur-era had finally settled, a massive swarm of mosquitos carried “Saskatchewan” over coast, Rockies, and prairie, triumphantly dropping it into place like the last piece of a massive puzzle: it was their perfect habitat. The descendants of these winged terrorists continue to plague all who pass through Canada’s bread basket.

Victoria to Cochrane sans Windscreen

It was a spectacular ride in spite of the wind. I often wonder if the Trans-Canada Highway was designed for aesthetics rather than functionality. On the bike, I find that I get a better sense of the environments I am in. Be it Kamloops’ desert heights, the spectacular river valley of Field, or the terrifying beauty of Rogers’ Pass, I was continually in awe as I rode with the wind in my face.

Goodbye, Facebook.

Remember when video games ended? I am probably dating myself, but I remember saving the Princess in Super Mario Brothers; it was a big day for me-- I felt a profound sense of accomplishment because I finished it and, by... Continue Reading →

Lovina Life

*this is the second part in an ongoing series of posts about my travels so far. You can read the first one here. I woke up to knocking. At first I tried to ignore it, but it got louder and... Continue Reading →

An Honest, Open Letter (Part One)

I arrived in Hanoi exactly three weeks ago, so it makes sense that I write this now. Three months ago, I left for Bali. I didn't have any money but my parents were kind enough to lend me $300 toward... Continue Reading →

The Harp John Chronicles: Part I

I met Harp John in the middle of a double date. My girlfriend at the time, a couple friends, and I were sitting at the bar at Clive’s  digesting  the large Chinese feast we’d consumed only an hour prior. It... Continue Reading →

Drumheller, Again

The following is an excerpt from Bound in Blood and Skin. Luc often embarked upon long, solitary journeys through Drumheller’s sun-baked sand. He never grew accustomed to the vast, barren and ever-changing desert, and went there without water or sunscreen,... Continue Reading →

They Scream Leviathan

The following is an excerpt from Bound in Blood and Skin... In spite of Luc’s skill, one fish had always managed to elude him and the rest of us. The way I see it, every village has its monster.  Stories... Continue Reading →

On the Far Side of Sane

We didn’t have to wait to be triaged when we got to emergency. They didn’t take my blood pressure, and I didn’t have to show them my insurance card. Maria just gave our names, and the receptionist smiled. “We’ve been... Continue Reading →

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