***The blog below was composed entirely by my former secretary, Peggy Legato, after we got together for drinks at Earl’s in downtown Calgary.  I have done no editing to her work.  Please do not judge her or I. — Ding Dong***

I fyrst met nick lyons (altho he goes by nicholas now what a pretechous hypster goof lol about six years ago in victoria bc the place ware i left my hart and my wallet lol

he was standing outsiode bbjs and i saw him their looking at his phone not much has changed lol even tho he sais he doesnt like phones or techie stuff like that lol

I was NOT attracted to nick lyons than or now lol we started taking anyways and here we r now we just had drink in calgs LOL

i just finished a masters in middle english at UVIC and we talked about beowolf for a while he doesnt no anything about beowolf thats why he doesnt like him lol

i worked for nick for a while at frog communications he was fun 2 work with lol he goofs around quite a bit lol

i had to move back to calgs becuse my mom GO FLAMES GO FLAMING C C OF READ

i dont here from him much but i no he luvs me

he helped me due the social media 4  my lifecoach/dating coach business and know i make more than all of him put 2gether, LOLZ!

thats all: sorry, drunk, LOLZ

HUGZ 2 al readers!

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