I have been jet-lagged for the duration of my time in Germany.  I am fortunate to have no schedule to abide by here, so I have been content to live a mostly nocturnal existence.  The writing comes easier at night.  Still, the quiet, and the dark often threaten to pull me towards sleep.  I fight the urge to follow these sirens’ song: thankfully, I have an AeroPress in my corner.

In the spring of this year, I divested myself of most of my possessions.  My roommate Skei and I had to be out of our house on July 1, and I made plans to rent a small room for a couple months before leaving for my travels.  Skei and I hosted two garage sales, both of which flopped: most of our stuff was destined for road-side free piles, and most of it disappeared in a matter of days.  I made exactly $40, which I used to purchase my first Aeropress Coffee Making system.

The Aeropress fits easily in my rucksack, and is incredibly durable as it survived the wrath of sleep-deprived Air Canada baggage handlers.  Every afternoon, upon waking, I faithfully boil some water, and pack the Aeropress’ cylinder with a minimal amount of espresso: the results are invariably incredible.  I have yet to push a bad cup of coffee out of the syringe-like device.

So to all you travelers out there who are sick of drinking weak Hostel “coffee”, do yourself a favour, and invest in an Aeropress.  You will thank yourself every afternoon, upon waking.