I will state my bias right up front: I was born in Calgary, I was raised in Calgary. I had kind parents who never hit me; I went on to complete a Degree at the University of Calgary in English with a minor in Religious Studies (with a focus on Eastern Traditions). I am a white male: I am ignorant. I guess that is probably not full disclosure, but feel free to ask me any question you’d like, and I will answer them as best I can.

I am fortunate to have met my first troll in the year 2016 AD, according to the Western Calendar. I am also fortunate to be currently unemployed, so I had the opportunity to engage this troll over the course of a few days. What I found wasn’t particularly shocking: Trolls are droll. There is no substance there, no weight. They subsist upon argument for argument’s sake, and when they are asked to state their own position, they refer to rather obscure “scholars”… they ask if we’ve read them, insincerely so: they are modern day Gnostics, without the requisite training.

A troll tries to waste the time of people they respect. They resent the people they respect, after all, because they will never respect themselves. Instead, they suck blood, and time, like mosquitoes: they detract from our own time, our most precious resource. If you attempt to reason with them, they will mock you for it. They compare themselves to Immortals like Plato, but they are fools.

Trolls don’t change their minds; they have no minds to change. Try not to feed them: it is like pearls to swine.