Remember when video games ended? I am probably dating myself, but I remember saving the Princess in Super Mario Brothers; it was a big day for me– I felt a profound sense of accomplishment because I finished it and, by extension,  I put something I was obsessed with aside. Success liberated me. I was set free.

I feel Free now that I’ve left Facebook, but I am not sure I feel “successful”.

How does one measure “Facebook success”, anyway? Friend count? Post/”Like” Ratio? Number of “Facebook Offspring” who have more friends than you do? (Number of selfies posted in a day) / (likes – potential number of “Likes” (taking into consideration time of day it was posted and how many “shares” it got by all of one’s satellite “pages”)?

If I do feel a margin of “success” on Facebook, it is for different reasons than these.  I feel successful because I created a character on Facebook. I think everyone has.

My character started off as “Nick Lyons”. I think he accepted an emailed invite from the person who would eventually become his girlfriend, wife, and estranged wife. All of these transitions were formally documented by him (or, in some cases, her) on Facebook.

“Nick Lyons”, AKA “Nicholas Lyons”, “Freebo”, “Nicholas Oswald Lyons”, and most recently “Nick Turbeaux” has had a good run on Facebook. But the time has come to move on.

As of last night, I finished my second novel which has been written under the working title of, “The Face Book.” The novel documents the rise and eventual disappearance of he who came to be known as “Nick Turbeaux”.

Over ten years, “Turbeaux” develops from a fledgling Meat Wrapper into a Tycoon who leisurely overlooks his rice field every morning with a grin upon his face, and a paper princess by his side.

This novel will be syndicated, chapter by chapter, and disseminated by mail. Each of these chapters will comprise a separate folio printed with ink made from Locust-Blood on handmade, denim parchment. In total, the book consists of 15 folios.

I am currently in the process of conceiving of ways to compile a mailing list. For now, if you are interested in being part of the novel’s first list of readers, please email me at

Thank you, in advance, for your interest.