A Ding-Dong Abroad

Nick Lyons' Travels from Victoria to Cochrane, and Beyond…

Culture Shock: My First Thirty Days in Ubud

A lot of people have asked me if I've experienced culture shock since moving to Bali: the simple answer is that I haven't. I was half lucky, and half strategic to have landed in Denpasar. My best friend was here... Continue Reading →


“All the Feels”, and More: A Comprehensive List of 20 Facebook Cliches

We've seen them all one million times, rolled our eyes, only to see them again a couple spots down on our feed. Here is your comprehensive guide to Facebook cliche. How many of these have you used today? "This." (variations... Continue Reading →

Somewhere Between Darkness and Light: A Balinese Party

My friend Agus invited me to a party on Saturday night: he promised there would be no bule there except for me, so I took him up on his invitation. We rode to Denpasar to meet a few of his friends, climbed... Continue Reading →

Questioning the Ethics of Local Business in Victoria, or In Praise of Hanuman, or Boycott The Village Butcher in Oak Bay

Dear Mom, I’ve been in Bali for two weeks now. The flight was long, and I’ve learned much already. While traversing the globe in a cylindrical tube for twenty four hours as my corporeal body sat foot-swellingly still, I soon... Continue Reading →

A Blog Full of Monkeys

Today I visited the Monkey Forest in Ubud. I plan to go back there every day for the rest of my life. Here's why.

Ode to the Western Union

Yesterday morning I awoke with the joy that only those with little money know: I woke up with a little money. The previous evening, my friend Rachel was kind enough to purchase a copy of Bound and Blood and Skin,... Continue Reading →

“Dig, Lazaro, Dig!”: An Excerpt from my forthcoming novel, _Bound in Blood and Skin_

One morning, Maria came to Luc for help. She pounded on his door in desperation, a sound that had always sparked his interest. His dick rose: he knew it was her. Maria had four brothers, the youngest of whom had... Continue Reading →

Invoking Cohen: Bound in Blood and Skin

The name of my novel was always to be _Milk and Honey_. The phrase, like much of the book itself, is Biblical in origin referring to the Promised Land. I like the earthiness of the phrase. I like the contrast... Continue Reading →

Saint Luc: An Excerpt from My Forthcoming Novel

Luc often assumed a devout posture in front of an altar at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  He rarely attended Sunday Mass. He disagreed with many of the Church’s formal doctrines, and the Church's formality infuriated him. “If Christ were to... Continue Reading →

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